Houston Texans Fan Yanked From Seat For Anti-Cal McNair ‘Tommy Boy’ Sign

Houston Texans Owner Cal McNair isn’t about to be slandered in his own stadium.

The Houston Texans had a pretty good Sunday, they absolutely dominated the Los Angeles Chargers at home.

During the game, one fan at NRG Stadium is still not loving the team’s owner. The Texans fan was holding up a sign that said, “Hey Tommy Boy, Sell The Team.” Not the first time a fan has been removed.

Once again the Tommy Boy sign was spotted by security,  and they forcibly removed the fan out of the stadium.

Security was actually dragging him out of his seat.

Watch below:

You can’t blame Texans fans for hating their owner.

And you really can’t blame Texans security for removing the guy. Free speech isn’t a luxury afforded to some fans.

McNair not about that slander life.

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