Lance Stephenson Wants to Fight Jake Paul

Former NBA rotation piece Nate Robinson let down the fraternity of NBA players when he got knocked out by YouTuber Jake Paul during their exhibition boxing match on Saturday. Now Lance Stephenson might want a piece of Paul. The internet went hard at Robinson in the wake of the knockout, mocking him to no end. Even boxing legend Floyd Mayweather felt bad for Nate, issuing a plea for all his NBA brethren to stop making fun of the diminutive punch recipient.

Now we have another former NBA player who is willing to step up and fight Paul. Lance Stephenson is not about to let NBA players take the downfall for Nate’s knock out.

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He’s not about to go out like that.

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Lance Stephenson was one hell of an annoying player.  Unless he’s going to knock out Paul by blowing in his ear, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance either.

If I had to pick any former NBA player that would stand a chance in this fight, I’d lean towards Ron Artest.

Somebody needs to step up, hopefully these former NBA players will continue boxing, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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