Anthony Rizzo Struck Out Freddie Freeman And Fans Are Losing It

Call me a grouch, but I hate when position players pitch in an MLB baseball game. Most fans think it’s cute, it’s fun, it’s different. I happen to find it to be a little too whimsical, and it’s not good baseball to watch a guy get out there and basically throw batting practice to an opposing team for an inning.

With that being said, there was a legitimately fun moment in the Cubs-Braves game today, when Anthony Rizzo was called on to pitch because the Cubs were sucking so bad that it wasn’t even worth it to waste a real pitcher.

Rizzo ended up pitching to Freddie Freeman, who he has had some fun with in the past. The two All-Star first basemen were exchanging smiles and laughs throughout the entire at-bat. Surprisingly, the AB ended with Rizzo striking out last year’s MVP.


Sure enough, Anthony Rizzo striking out Freddie Freeman is all over social media.

Ok, even I’ll admit, that’s kind of fun.

It looked like Freddie Freeman was not at all expecting Rizzo to throw him an off-speed pitch there, and he just couldn’t wait back enough. Even he had to get a kick out of that one.

Knowing Anthony Rizzo, I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of the time he struck out one of the best hitters in baseball, Freddie Freeman.

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