Phil Jackson to Coach the Clippers Rumor Hits the Net

Will the Zen Master come out of retirement for another stab at a title?

That’s what the rumor mill is saying after Doc Rivers departed the Clippers job, and has since been hired in Philadelphia.

Portland columnist Dwight Jaynes thinks Steve Ballmer will bypass Tyronn Lue and go for more name recognition with the next Clippers coach.

Say, Phil Jackson.

“And that would be Phil Jackson.

Jackson might like to wipe away the memory of his stint running the New York Knicks and go back to something he’s more comfortable with — coaching. And the beaches of southern California. He is currently said to be living in Montana.

But would he return to a job where he would be a direct competitor with the Lakers, and his ex-fiancee, Jeanie Buss? Would he put his sparkling championship record on the line for that job?

Who knows?”

Some others have suggested the Clippers should hire Phil as well:

Twitter quickly weighed in the rumor:


There’s absolutely very little chance this happens.

But sure it’s fun to speculate. If Phil was ten years younger it would be a no brainer, but he’s probably not fit to deal with the brutal travel schedule.

If only he could have been coaching the Clippers in the bubble.

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