Chicago Bears Reportedly Looking To Move Allen Robinson Ahead Of Trade Deadline

Here we are again with Allen Robinson.

The receiver has not been able to reach a contract extension with the Chicago Bears for the past three years. Which has led to the him being slapped with the franchise tag in each of the past two seasons.


When the Bears got off to a poor start to the 2020 season, many were looking for the team to move on from Robinson at the Trade Deadline. They opted to hang on to the receiver for another year. But after another season that looks to be a throw away year, Allen Robinson’s name is back on the trading block.

According to reports, the Bears would like to move off of Robinson this season.

The Bears were definitely not hoping to be in this position with Allen Robinson this season.

Head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace both appear to be on the hot seat. Which means the goal was to win with Andy Dalton, and then compete for a Super Bowl next season. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the Bears just aren’t very good.

The smart move for the organization would be to see what you can get for a guy like Allen Robinson right now, and look towards building the roster for the future.

But I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the Bears don’t opt for the logical move here.

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