Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Refuses to Play For Packers Unless GM Brian Gutekunst Is Fired

The fractured relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers has taken over the sports world this week. While Rodgers may be enjoying his Saturday at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, the speculation and rumors about his future continue.

According to Yahoo! Sports NFL reporter Charles Robinson, the ONLY way Rodgers returns to play for the Packers in 2021 is if general manager Brian Gutekunst is fired.

Talk about a bombshell!


It appears that the relationship between the Packers and their star quarterback is unfixable so long as Gutekunst is calling the shots. Robinson also notes that team president Mark Murphy is fully aware of Rodgers’ feelings towards the GM.

Based on last year’s NFL Draft, this year’s free agency signings (or lack thereof) and what has been a very mediocre and nonsensical 2021 draft thus far, it’s hard not to believe this latest tidbit. Gute has literally done nothing but piss off the reigning NFL MVP over the last year, plus.

The entire Aaron Rodgers saga continues to take many wild twists and turns. As recently as Thursday night, it seemed all but certain that he was set to be the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Indeed, Mile High is among the trade destinations that Rodgers reportedly included on his shortlist:

That deal is yet to be declared official, but considering this latest development, the prospects of Rodgers being a Packer in 2021 continue to appear bleak. If this does indeed come down to keeping the GM who seems to prefer building for the future or a QB who is hell-bent on winning now, which direction will the team ultimately choose to go?

Hold onto your hats….errrr…cheese football fans! This ride may just be getting started!

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