Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend’s Sentence Handed Down in Extreme DUI Case

Aaron Judge and the Yankees are about to be knocked out of the playoffs, and to make matters worse, his girlfriend Samantha Bracksieck might be seeing a night in jail for her extreme DUI.

If you remember, Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend brought up her relationship with the Yankees star during a DUI arrest in February, straight up asking officers during the stop, “Do you know who my boyfriend is?!”

Watch below:

Now it’s almost time to pay the piper for her crimes. Samantha changed her plea back in early September. We posted some info earlier this morning, but have some updates with receipts:

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Via our Source:

She plead guilty to a DUI Liquor/Drugs/Vapors combos. There are apparently 3 types of DUI charges and if you look at the charge code, she plead guilty to a DUI to the slightest degree. She also has fines totalling $2,043.20.

She got 4 of the charges dismissed:

1.Dui with Bac of .08 or higher

2.Extreme DUI

3.Violation of lighted lamps requirements

4.Drive in one lane

If they stick to what the actual law for a penalty is, it would be a mandatory day in jail. She also will have to pay the fine.

Being Aaron Judge’s GF has its perks, but getting off scot-free for a DUI isn’t one of them.

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