Golf Insider Has Telling Comment On Tiger Woods’ Masters Status

After rumors have been swirling all week long, every golf fan is ready for some sort of announcement regarding Tiger Woods’ status for next weekend’s Masters Tournament.

Yesterday, it was reported that Woods has normally made his decision on The Masters on Friday (today) before the weekend.

So all day, people have been glued to their Twitter feeds looking for any information on if Tiger Woods is going to give it a go at Augusta National.

And while we still have nothing official, golf insider Daniel Rapoport gave some telling insight.

“This is a pure opinion, I don’t know anything more than the rest of you…but I have reached the point where I would be surprised if Tiger Woods does not play in the Masters,” Rapoport tweeted.

Tiger Woods created a media firestorm after it was revealed that he took his private jet to Augusta National to see if he could push his surgically-repaired leg enough to feel comfortable to play The Masters.

So far, the word from Augusta is that Woods looks pretty good in his practice rounds.

“He looked great,” Rory said via TMZ. “But he was still pretty — you know, he was just like, ‘I’m just seeing what’s going to happen here. I’m going to see if I can make it around 18.’”

Hopefully we get word soon about Tiger Woods’ Masters status.

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