Michael Jordan Is So Intimidating On the Golf Course Opponents ‘S–t Their Pants’

Michael Jordan’s golf course, nicknamed “Slaughterhouse 23,” is building quite a reputation as being a very tough place to play. The course was meticulously catered to Jordan’s golf game, making him even more formidable than his handicap suggests. According to PGA Pro Harold Varner III, Jordan’s intimidation on the course looms large, so large in fact that some people almost soil themselves.

MJ asked Varner to play 18 holes with him, and Varner wanted to play with his buddy Will. MJ obliged. Varner said that his friend’s mental state quickly deteriorated while playing with the NBA legend.

Varner spoke about the round on the Sub Par podcast:

“Will is playing nervous. He’s freaking out. This is a grown man, he’s 27 years old,” Varner said. “We go down to the second tee and MJ’s like ‘There’s not going to be any free rolls out here. Same bet, $100 with you.'”

“And Will, I think he s— his pants. He literally couldn’t breath. He was saying ‘Do you understand that I’m playing with the GOAT?’ I’m like, ‘I totally do, and you’re going to pay him $100 if you don’t play well.'”

“So he gets up there, hits a good drive at No. 2, and he has 70 yards to the green, and I bet you he hit it 20 yards. 20 yards. I’m just wondering what’s going on, this is a complete choke.”


At one point during the match, Will checked his fitness tracker, and found that his heartrate had reached 159 BPM while playing against the NBA legend.

“That’s like running a sprint,” Varner said. “I knew he was nervous, I didn’t know he might pass out.”

Playing against the World’s most famous athlete has to be scary. Especially when you’re actually competting with him.

We all know how MJ gets when he’s in his competitive zone.

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