Patrice Bergeron Speaks On Boston Future Following Game 7 Loss

All eyes shifted to Patrice Bergeron after the Bruins’ series loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in Game 7 on Saturday afternoon.

The Bruins captain has been the epitome of Boston sports throughout the the team’s competitive window over the past 10 years. But with his contract expiring, many are wondering if the aging Bruins will decide to keep Bergeron around, or let him walk.

After the game, Patrice Bergeron was asked about his future.

“It’s too early right now [to say],” Bergeron said. “It’s too fresh. It still stings obviously from a hard-fought series, and we came up short. I’m going to have to think about it, but I’m not there right now.”

Patrice Bergeron continued:

“It’s always hard to come up short, but it’s something that we can be proud of, how we battled,” Bergeron said. “We came up short tonight; we needed a little more. It stings, and it’s not the feeling that you want.”

While many of the Bruins’ teammates were paying tribute to Bergeron during their postgame remarks, coach Bruce Cassidy said he hopes the captain returns for (at least) another season.

“I hope [it’s not the end],” coach Bruce Cassidy said, when asked if he thought Bergeron was done. “He means so much to this franchise.”

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