New Orleans Saints QB Jameis Winston Shares his Odd Thoughts on Human Anatomy

They don’t call him famous Jameis for nothing.

NFL veteran Jameis Winston will be the New Orleans Saints’ starting quarterback once again in 2022 after missing most of the 2021 season due to an ACL tear. During a press conference this week, Jameis Winston talked about his health and the human body and it was very much on brand for Jameis. It was a truly interesting 22 seconds of footage.

“You’ve got your wrists, and what are your wrists on the bottom half? Your ankles! You’ve got your shoulders up top! What are your shoulders [lower down]? Your hips. You’ve got your elbows. What are your elbows? Your knees!”

Watch Jameis explain the human body below:

There are very few people on the planet that are unintentionally funny like Jameis Winston is. Like, what the hell is he talking about. Wrists, shoulders, huh?

Look, if Jameis Winston can throw the rock like he has before, no one will care about his odd thoughts on human anatomy. In seven games during the 2021 NFL season, Jameis completed 59.0 percent of his passes for 1,170 yards, with 14 touchdowns against only three interceptions. His passer rating of 102.8 and QBR of 69.8 both would have been career-highs. If he can stay healthy all season long, Jameis could very well have the best year of his career.

And if this football thing doesn’t work out he can definitely go into body medicine.

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