Mitchell Trubisky Continues To Slam Matt Nagy, Former Bears Coaches

It’s safe to say Mitchell Trubiksy is happy he’s long gone from Matt Nagy and his former regime in Chicago.

After spending a year as the backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo, Trubisky has landed on his feet in Pittsburgh, with a real chances to win the starting QB job.

When speaking on the last time he was a QB1, Mitchell Trubisky made sure to throw some shade at former Bears head coach Matt Nagy.

“Even if you got a completion [in Chicago], I felt like sometimes it wasn’t necessarily what the coach wanted,” Trubisky told Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “They put you in a box a little bit more than you wanted to be, and I think that restricts you as a player.”

During Mitchell Trubisky’s time in Chicago, Nagy was known for being adamant about running the offense a certain way, and Mitch struggled mightily to lead the offense until being eventually replaced by Nick Foles.

After spending time in Buffalo, Trubisky realized how a competent coaching staff operates.

“The difference between my experience in Chicago and what I saw in Buffalo is they allow Josh (Allen) to go out there and play his game,” Trubisky said. “In Chicago, they wanted me to play the coaches’ game. Call it whatever you will, that’s just how it felt to me.”

So far, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has claimed he isn’t close to making a decision on his starting quarterback. But Pittsburgh journalists have been quick to point out the Trubisky has been taking most of the reps with the first team at Training Camp.

Could Mitchell Trubisky excel in his second opportunity?

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