Mike McCarthy Calls Out Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore: ‘Be Smarter With Play-Calling’

Mike McCarthy is already shifting the blame.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is clearly on the hot seat, as Jerry Jones doesn’t have a ton of patience when it comes to losing.  McCarthy is already trying to place the blame on anyone but himself, and recently told reporters offensive coordinator Kellen Moore needs to be “smarter” with his play-calling.

McCarthy said he spent additional time with Kellen Moore this week following a brutal outing in last week’s 19-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“My job is to make sure all three coordinators are teed up to be successful,” McCarthy said in his end-of-week press conference. “I make sure that Kellen knows that I’m there; we’re going to take a lap today through the call sheet- maybe a little longer than we normally do.”

“Let’s be honest, in Kellen’s time as a coordinator, he’s been able to play very, very aggressively,” McCarthy said. “But we’re in a phase right now where we’ve got to be a little smarter in certain situations.”

“Kellen and the offensive staff have been working on this since April, longer than April,” McCarthy told the media. “We’ve just got to trust what we’ve built on our menu. You’ve got to adjust when you have change in the lineup.”

To add insult to injury,  literally, Moore and McCarthy will have to navigate without Dak Prescott for an extended period of time and will face the reigning AFC Champions, the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2.

McCarthy’s seat is hotter than it’s ever been, Moore, not as much.

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