Matt Corral’s Struggles With Alcohol Reportedly Scared Teams Away

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral tormented SEC teams all throughout the college football season, seemingly asserting himself as a top draft prospect. But during the NFL Draft this weekend, Corral fell far down the list as the days went on.

Now, we’re finding out part of the reason why.

After Matt Corral was selected in the later rounds by the Carolina Panthers, NFL insider Ian Rapport gave some insight on his past struggles.

“He dealt with a multitude of issues including alcohol and related issues,” Rapoport said on NFL Network’s broadcast. “He admitted publicly to battling depression. He has had ‘unreliable behavior’ off the field and he really, really struggled in some interviews with teams.

“That said, the talent is enough to make the Carolina Panthers take its shot with Corral.”

By the sounds of it, Matt Corral has tackled his issues head-on. And he’s proven that he has the ability to completely tear up some of the top defenses in college football.

The Panthers desperately need to shore up their quarterback room, and it feels like it’s worth the shot to take a chance on someone who has shown he has the talent.

Hopefully Matt Corral’s alcohol issues are well behind him and he carves out a successful NFL career for himself.

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