People Calling For NFL To Investigate Tom Brady For Tampering

Would the NFL actually consider opening another investigation into Tom Brady at this stage of his career?

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Brady had a whole sketchy plan in place with the Miami Dolphins to become a minority owner. The idea was that he would end up playing QB for the Dolphins, and Sean Payton was his preferred coach to come in and call plays.

However, when Brian Flores opened his lawsuit against the Dolphins over racial discrimination, it complicated the entire deal.

After the Tom Brady-Dolphins link hit the web, PFT’s Mike Florio said there are many who want the NFL to look into the Bucs quarterback.

“Many believe that Brady is the unnamed quarterback in the (Brian) Flores lawsuit with whom owner Stephen Ross wanted Flores to tamper in 2020. If the Dolphins had a plan that started with Brady becoming a post-retirement minority owner and ended with Brady coming out of retirement to play for the team, there surely were one or more impermissible communications between the Dolphins and/or Brady and/or his agent, Don Yee (who also represents Payton),” ProFootballTalk summarized.

Now, Tom Brady is back with the Buccaneers for one more season. And the Dolphins settled for Mike McDaniel as their next head coach instead of Sean Payton.

So for now, there will be no Payton-Brady marriage happening in Miami.

But as more and more information about Tom Brady’s Dolphins interest leaks, it’s hard to imagine that the NFL won’t be curious to find out if any indiscretions took place.

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