Detroit Lions Trade Offer For Deebo Samuel Revealed

For Now, Deebo Samuel remains a member of the San Francisco 49ers. But that’s not to say teams didn’t try to pry away the elite playmaker.

After the reports surfaced that Samuel was requesting a trade after failing to reach a new contract extension with the Niners, it was reported that both the Lions and Jets made calls to the Niners to try to make a trade happen.

Now, the Lions’ offer for Deebo Samuel has been revealed.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the Lions were willing to part ways with a first and third round pick to land Samuel on draft night.

The Detroit Lions ended up selecting Alabama receiver Jameson Williams to fill their clear void at receiver when the Deebo Samuel talks fell through.

After the draft, Niners GM John Lynch spoke on staying committed to Samuel for the future.

“We’re trying really hard with Deebo to work through whatever the issues might be,” Lynch said, via “I always have really believed that there is a sacredness to those conversations and that they remain private, especially with things like this. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest we don’t get into that. I don’t think [the obstacles] are insurmountable. I think we can find a way to resolution, and we’re hopeful for that because we know what he’s been to this organization. Thirty-sixth pick in 2019, and he’s been so good on and off the field. Obviously, a tremendous player. . . . He makes us better. I think we make him better. And we’re hopeful that we get everything right and that we’re rolling forward.”

The 49ers clearly value Deebo Samuel too much than to let him go over these current contract issues.

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