Kyle Shanahan Reportedly Saddled With Trey Lance After Not Getting His Wish With Mac Jones or Tom Brady

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had no hesitation when turning to Trey Lance over veteran Jimmy Garoppolo this season, but perhaps he’s still upset those were his only two options.

There has been reports since the 2021 NFL Draft concluded that Shanahan wanted the team to go with Mac Jones over Lance, but he was ultimately overruled by the 49ers front office.

But apparently there’s more. According to NFL insider Michael Lombardi, Shanahan wanted the 49ers to make a run at Tom Brady prior to the 2020 season, as well.

“Kyle Shanahan wanted Mac Jones & Tom Brady.. the resistance factor within that building said no to both & this is the residual effect of that,” Lombardi said during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

There are several conflicting reports on how Kyle Shanahan, including NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, who called the report of Brady and Jones, “totally false“.

When talking about the 2021 NFL Draft process, Kyle Shanahan has admitted it came down to Mac Jones and Trey Lance for the Niners.

“Mac,” Shanahan said when asked who else was on the team’s radar at the time. “Yeah, Mac Jones and Trey. Those were the two guys that we were locked in on from the beginning, and if we never moved up to [No. 3], we would have never had the chance to learn more about Trey. That was the hardest thing. You’ve got to be so sneaky and stuff when you’re back there because you don’t want people hopping in front of you, and I had a very strong feeling people were going to hop in front of us.

“So to go through that process to get to know both of them—Trey was tough because he didn’t play the year of football before, and it was a small school. So we got to learn so much about them once we knew we were there because we didn’t have to hide stuff, and that made me a lot more confident in it.”

Regardless of how we got here, Kyle Shanahan is now tasked with turning Trey Lance into a success story in the NFL. And we’re about to find out what the kid is made made of.

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