Former Patriots Player Ted Johnson Calls Out Patriots Following Tom Brady’s Departure: ‘Complicit in their Own Demise’

Are the 2022 New England Patriots doomed for failure?

The New England Patriots are definitely looking a lot different than they used to when Tom Brady was under center, but according to former player Ted Johnson,  the team is complicit in their own demise. The three-time Super Bowl champion and former Patriots linebacker is not feeling very optimistic about their chances this season.

After seeing what they’ve suddenly morphed into, more than two years after Tom Brady announced he was taking his talents to Tampa Bay, Johnson says something is unrecognizable.

“I think there is a feeling for people who’ve covered the Patriots for a long time, that they can’t believe what they are seeing from them so far,” Johnson posted on Twitter. “The way things played out in the last preseason game vs the Raiders, just confirmed what we’ve all been thinking and in some cases saying. It’s taking us all by surprise the Patriots would be so complicit in their own demise. In his first yr as HC Josh McDaniels team looks more like the Patriots than the Patriots do….unreal.”

McDaniels and his Las Vegas Raiders did appear like the much better team in the joint practices and preseason finale. They destroyed the Patriots on the field, and that was without playing many of their key starters. That led Bill Belichick to dismiss the preseason as any kind of indicator on how the season will go.  The fact there’s still no official offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator for the team ahead of its Week 1 matchup against the Miami Dolphins is all you really need to point to, it’s highly unusual,  and shows something might be amiss.

But when you have Bill Belichick steering the ship, you really can’t count them out completely. The 70-year head coach can be the general manager, defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Belichick.

Most pats fan probably don’t want to admit this, they may just be an average team. Mac Jones may just be average, along with their receiving corps, defense, and special teams.

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