Fans Were Quick To Notice Rob Gronkowski Didn’t Mention Patriots In Retirement Post

Like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski clearly has just a little bit of disdain for the New England Patriots organization.

If you remember, when Brady briefly retired earlier in the offseason he didn’t initially thank the Patriots in his first statement.

Now, when Rob Gronkowski posted his lengthy retirement statement on Tuesday afternoon, he didn’t mention his New England years. Not even once.

Check out his full statement below:

Fans were quick to nice Rob Gronkowski’s Patriots snub.

Despite the snub, I’m sure Rob Gronkowski has fond memories of the Super Bowls with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. But of course, the “no days off” mentality didn’t jive with Gronk’s partying persona.

Still, Gronkowski hasn’t made any huge comments against Bill Belichick or “The Patriot Way”. And when he goes into the Hall of Fame, he’ll be best remembered for that era.

It is pretty interesting that both Brady and Gronkowski left off the Pats though…

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