Derek Carr Snaps At Reporter At Training Camp: ‘I Don’t Appreciate Your Tone’

Derek Carr is clearly coming into this season with even more of an edge than in the past.

After last season was marred with off-field controversy for the Raiders, Carr got a new offensive coach in Josh McDaniels, along with superstar receiver Davante Adams.

So this Training Camp, he isn’t taking any shit, especially from reporters.

When Derek Carr went on any impassioned rant about people sleeping on his Raiders, it led to a testy encounter with reporter Paul Gutierrez, who asked “If it doesn’t matter, Derek, why do you talk about it?”

“Thank you, Paul, it’s so good to see you,” Carr replied as others laughed.

“I say it because I’m a positive person, and I try and encourage my teammates. There’s a way that I say things to encourage my locker room to maybe put a chip on their shoulder, and sometimes I do it too much. And so I don’t appreciate your tone either, you can pump that back a little bit.”

Check out the full encounter below:

For the past eight seasons, Derek Carr has been among the top ten best quarterbacks in terms of stats. But his overall success has faltered, mainly thanks to things out of his control.

Now, it appears that Carr has one of his best opportunities for success, but it won’t help that he plays in a division with Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Justin Herbert.

Still, Raiders fans have to be happy about an edgy Derek Carr showing up to Training Camp.

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