Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Got Their Very Own State Of The Art Locker Room

Leave it to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to make his team’s cheerleaders locker room the very best in the league.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in all of sports, and now it appears the money machine has trickled down to the cheerleaders facilities.  The Cowboys cheerleaders recently were shown their brand new state of the art locker room, and to say they were excited is quite the understatement. The Cheerleaders were doing what cheerleaders do when they get excited,  they cheered.

Check out the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading squad get their grand reveal below:

Our friends over at Outkick showed off some screencaps of the ladies reactions:

All those extra hours in the gym finally paid off with a dream job…in 2018, a Cowboys cheerleader revealed during a court case that she never made more than $17,000 a season as a member of the squad.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders will get to experience their new digs on August 26th when the Seattle Seahawks come to town for the Dallas Cowboys only home preseason game.

Who knew a cheerleading squad needed their very own  state of the art locker room, but here we are.

Everything is always bigger in Texas, and Jerry Jones is the ultimate showman.

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