Former Bears Player Asks Important Question Following Highland Park Shooting

Like many people in Illinois and around the country, many are asking the same question as former Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long this week: how could we not stop the mass shooting at a parade in Highland Park on Monday?

After it was announced that six people had died when a gunman opened fire at the Highland Park parade, the suspect now in custody was revealed as 22 year old Robert “Bobby” Crimo.

On his social media pages, Crimo had been sending out signals of this attack for a while now.

On Monday, Kyle Long openly pondered how a man could have these troubling warning signs, and yet we cannot stop an attack of this magnitude.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, it’s hard not to agree with Kyle Long that something needs to change in order for these mass shooting to stop being the norm in this country.

This week, many sports teams have also shared their thoughts and prayers for the Highland Park community.

“The Chicago Bears mourn the loss of innocent lives in today’s senseless and disgraceful mass shooting in Highland Park and extend our thoughts and prayers to its community and all those impacted by the horrific act of violence,” the statement reads. “We would like to acknowledge the selfless acts from first responders and many citizens to help all in time of dire need,” the Bears said in their statement.

As another community mourns this week, we must find a way to prevent these attacks going forward.

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