Calvin Ridley Getting Support Following Deshaun Watson Suspension News

Is it clear that the NFL was too harsh on Calvin Ridley after looking at the Deshaun Watson suspension?

Today, it was revealed that a judge handed down a six game suspension for Watson, citing “egregious sexual activity”.


Shortly after the Deshaun Watson news, people were quick to bash the NFL for suspending Calvin Ridley for an entire season after he was found to be gambling on NFL games.

Calvin Ridley cited mental health when taking time off last season. During that period, he claimed he placed one bet, and ended up paying the consequences.

Meanwhile, Deshaun Watson will be allowed to play this season for the Browns, pending a decision by the NFL on whether or not they’ll appeal the judge’s decision.

It sure seems like the NFL needs to use some more common sense as it pertains to their suspension process. And the discrepancy between Deshaun Watson and Calvin Ridley is a clear example of their failures.

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