Russell Westbrook Has a Very Telling Like About the Lakers

Social media reveals all.

The Los Angeles Lakers have attempted to trade Russell Westbrook at different points since he joined the squad, but so far no takers for his services have emerged. Most analysts still believe that Russell Westbrook has no future with the purple and gold, moving forward. Looks like Russ is keeping tabs on what’s going down on the net. Russ liked a tweet from a fan who went after the Lakers for trying to trade Russ. The fan pointed towards Russ’ strong finish to the regular season, and how the Lakers would be crazy to get rid of Russ right now.

See the tweet below:

Russ has been very vocal about how frustrating things have been for him during his tenure on the Lakers. Westbrook criticized former Los Angeles Lakers Head coach Frank Vogel for the way he was utilized Russ, and now, it seems like Russ is mad over all of the rumors pertaining to him being traded.

Clearly Russell is not on good terms with the Los Angeles Lakers right now. Unfortunately for him, he is still on the roster, and it will probably stay that way throughout the season given the lack of market for Westbrook right now.

At some point they need to figure out a way how to break up.

Being stuck in a bad relationship can be tough…

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