Rumor Has It Lonzo Ball is Pursuing Kendall Jenner Following Devin Booker Breakup

The Kardashians star and Phoenix Suns shooting guard have broken up after two years together.

Reports recently surfaced that Devin was seen acting single prior to their breakup.

Now Kendall is once again being linked with NBA players.

Now this is just a rumor circulating the web, but it’s a juicy one. Allegedly several NBA players are already trying to shoot their shot with Kendall Jenner following her breakup with Devin Booker. One player who was specifically called out is Chicago Bulls star Lonzo Ball.

Watch below:


Lonzo is currently rehabbing in Los Angeles, and he also owns a home there.

Last time we checked in with Lonzo, he was together with Ally Rossel.

Not sure what’s up with Lonzo and Ally as of late,  haven’t heard much from them since February this year.

But you better believe NBA players are chomping at the bit to take out Kendall.  We know her history of NBA guys is deep.

Check out more of the NBA groupie below:

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