Luka Doncic Explains What Happened After Being Restrained From Heckler Who Used ‘Reckless’ Language

Luka Doncic is not happy.

The Dallas Mavericks star had another big playoff game, but he didn’t get much help from his teammates. Doncic was visibly frustrated, so much so that he confronted a fan who heckled Doncic with “reckless” language. The incident occurred at halftime. Doncic was walking back to the Mavericks’ locker room when he stopped to confront a fan wearing a Devin Booker jersey.

Team officials stepped in to restrain Doncic so the situation would not escalate.

Watch below:

Doncic addressed the issue after the game, which the Mavericks lost 129-109.  Doncic said the fan used “reckless” language, which is why he turned around.

(2:05 mark)

Doncic did not reveal what the fan said.

He explained his reaction to the heckler, saying, “We’re people, man. It’s normal to turn around and get mad.”

The Mavs are down to the Suns 2-0 in the series. If the Mavs don’t get a W in game 3, expect more frustration from Doncic.

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