IG Model Claims LeBron James All Up in Her DM’s Following Backlash

LeBron James is a happily married man.

Or so it seems. LeBron like many other men who have wives, looks on Social Media, you know, to check out what’s happening. Sometimes married men even look at women’s Instagram accounts, which is hardly an uncommon occurrence. But here’s where the story gets tricky.  An Instagram model posted a picture of a screenshot showing LeBron watching her Live.

The IG model who’s handle is Justghazal_ went on to  post the screenshot to prove LeBron was checking her out, and also politely declined the King.

“Every day a new rapper/athlete creeping GM to ya’ll Still a no for Me”

See the screenshot below:


Following her sharing the screenshot, the IG Model got bombarded by trolls and haters, who called her out for sharing the fact LeBron was checking her out.

She took to Instagram to share one of the messages, and also let everyone know there’s also DM’s she hasn’t shared yet.

See below:

“Ya’ll losing your minds over a story….imagine if I hit u with the DMs”

I say let’s see the receipts. Clearly LeBron has been keeping an eye on her for a bit, but DMing is whole different animal.

We’ll keep tabs on her to see if she shares any of them.

Check out more of LeBron’s latest Social Media Interest below:

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