Ben Simmons Clowned The Sixers Following Their Playoff Exit

Did Ben Simmons get the last laugh on the 76ers? Not exactly, but that’s how he’s going to play it off.

After the Sixers lost their playoff series to the Heat on Thursday night, Simmons made sure to post a subtle dig to social media.

Clearly Ben Simmons still hates everything about the Sixers and what they put him through. But he still needs to prove himself before he can act like he’s really winning the breakup.

After being moved from Philly to Brooklyn, Simmons continued to sit out, citing mental health issues as well as nagging back discomfort. In the end, the Nets lost to the Celtics in the first round of their playoff series against the Celtics.

Perhaps Ben Simmons comes back next year and proves himself against all the critics. But until that occurs, I can’t respect the troll job of what went down with the Sixers last night.

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