James Harden Has a Perfectly Good Excuse on Why He Disappeared in the Second Half of an Elimination Game

James Harden went AWOL in the biggest game of the season for the Sixers.

Just in case you didn’t catch the sarcasm in the headline, James Harden is explaining his awful second half performance. Harden took just two shots and missed both of them in the second half.

The Philadelphia Sixers star finished with 11 points as the Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs. Harden following the game tried his best to explain what went down. He was actually asked why he only attempted two shots in the second half.

His answer was pretty interesting.

See below:

Twitter had some thoughts on Harden’s comments:

James Harden is on the back nine of an incredible career, but he’s never won the big one. He’s also been on three teams in the last few seasons, which is all you need to know.

Harden seems like he just doesn’t care, and that’s not cool considering how much money he makes to play basketball.

Too much hard living and heavy lifting for the bearded one has taken its toll.

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