A-Rod Caught Napping With Girlfriend Kathryne Padgett During Game 7 of the Mavericks-Suns Series

Game 7’s can be some of the best action you’re ever going to see.

But this one was a blowout from the jump. The Mavs absolutely dominated Game 7 against the Suns in Phoenix over the weekend. They beat the Suns so badly that Timberwolves owner and former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was caught sleeping. The minority owner of the Timberwolves appeared to literally be taking a nap, and his younger girlfriend Kathryne Padgett was sitting right by his side.

See the pic of A-Rod sleeping below:

Twitter reacted to A-Rod caught sleeping:

I’m going to say A-Rod probably forgot his reading glasses and was looking down at his phone.

The dude is old but not that old. Plus he has the company of his younger girlfriend, which will most certainly keep him awake. She was clearly rooting for the winning team.

Check out more of A-Rod’s girlfriend below:

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