Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend Katrina Elizabeth Dressed up as Barbie for Halloween

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer had  one hell of a weekend. And he’s been having a rough go of it lately, so the guy really needed it.  Zimmer led his team to a playoff berth in 2019 and signed an extension this offseason.

Despite all that, various analysts and fans have been calling for the Vikings to make a change at head coach. But this weekend Zimmer got a huge win against the Green Bay Packers. His job is safe for now.


Not only that, his girlfriend is looking pretty good too.

Zimmer’s girlfriend Katrina Elizabeth dressed up as Barbie this past weekend.

See below:

Zimmer has been with his Maxim Model girlfriend for a few years. She recently returned to Instagram with a real banger. 

Here’s a pic of the two of them at last year’s Christmas party:

Mike Zimmer is a man.

Check out more of his girlfriend below:


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