Dodgers Fan Gets Carried Out of Game By Security Over ‘Jumpsuit’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Remember to dress appropriately to a Dodgers game.

A Dodgers fan was having the time of her life watching her beloved team, but things didn’t end well for her, as she ended up being escorted out by security. Of course the excitable fan was dancing, and apparently drinking, and her outfit was a little too revealing. According to the viral TikTok video, the Dodgers fans’ boobs kept popping out of her jumpsuit.

Some fans complained, and security came to remove her. She did not go quietly.

Via TikTok:

“She was obviously drunk. She was living her dream as a Dodger cheerleader but her dress wasn’t ‘Micheladas-approved’ ve many times.”

@mirzalps Tik tok removed the the first one at 1.4 million views.. if you don’t liked it just keep scrolling people 🙄 don’t have to report it !! #dodgers #dodgerstadium #drama #chisme ♬ original sound – Mirza Lisbeth Pineda

You can see her being carried out below:

@mirzalps #dodgers #dodgerstadium #drama #drunklady ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

There are far too many children at baseball games for that kind of thing. No one minds a wardrobe malfunction, but multiple times it’s going to get all the Karens upset.

Just remember everyone is filming everything at all times.

Go Doyers!

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