Phillies Third Baseman Alec Bohm Appears To Say “I F-ing Hate This Place” After Hearing It From Fans Over Errors

The first couple innings of Monday’s game weren’t kind to Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm.

Bohm started of the evening by making a quick trio of errors to give the Mets a hot start.


In the second inning, Alec Bohm made a routine play, and with Philly fans being the way they are, sarcastic cheers boomed throughout Citizens Bank Ballpark.

After that, it sure looked like cameras caught Alec Bohm telling a teammate, “I f-ing hate this place”.

You be the judge:

Luckily for Alec Bohm, the Phillies used an epic five-run eighth inning to take the lead from the struggling Mets bullpen heading into the ninth inning. And would wind up winning the game 5-4 despite the third baseman’s struggles in the field.

Bohm finished the day successful at the plate, too, going 1-1 with two walks and a run scored during their comeback rally.

Going forward, though, Alec Bohm is going to need to shore up his defense, or he’ll continue to hear it from the Philly faithful.

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