11 Year Old Charges the Field During White Sox Game For a Hug

Streakers are getting young these days.

Chicago White Sox fans are pushing the boundaries between watching the game and participating in the game lately. Just the other day a completely ordinary fan dished out some managerial advice to Tony La Russa, who immediately acted on it before pretending he hadn’t been influenced by the fan calling the move. And last night an 11-year-old kid hopped onto the field to ask center fielder Adam Engel for a hug. He was successful in the quest but they don’t really let you do that.

Watch the incident below:

There have been kids who have fallen onto the field, or thrown balls back onto the field, but don’t think I’ve seen a kid this age running onto the field like an adult moron. Of course the announcers aren’t supposed to talk about any fan running onto the field, which is some sort of way deterrent to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

But with fans capturing every moment of the incident from their phones, it always finds its way to go viral. Not sure who told this kid to do it, or if he just had an impulse to run onto a baseball field, but either way I’m calling out his parents on this one.

Of course this kid will now have a legendary story to share for the rest of his life, which is totally worth any punishment he’s going to receive.

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