Dodgers Reporter Injures Himself Attempting to Ride the Brewers’ Home Run Slide

That’s gonna leave a mark.

The Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Brewers in Milwaukee on Thursday night, someone in the L.A. broadcast decided to put their on-field reporter, David Vassegh, on a special assignment. That was to take a ride down the Brewers’ famous home run slide, aka Bernie’s Slide, at American Family Field.  Most of the time the slide is reserved for Bernie when the Brewers crush a homerun. There’s also the option of paying for the slide. Fans can purchase tickets for some behind-the-scenes fun to get the whole slide experience for themselves.

Unfortunately for Dodgers broadcaster David Vassegh, his ride didn’t exactly go as planned, as he ultimately ended up in a cast following a rocky landing.

Watch below:

The good news is that Vassegh appeared to be just fine, of course the cast was a bit troubling, but also very funny. That probably explains why broadcasters Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra felt so comfortable laughing over his accident.

To Vassegh’s credit, he was a good sport about his slide mishap, saying, “I tried to play it up Shaqtin’ a Fool style … and you’re looking at the fool.”

Fans swiftly reacted to the viral moment:

Baseball can be quite boring at times, and a baseball broadcast needs to do anything it can to keep viewers glued in.

Props to Vassegh for being a real team player on this one.

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