Rory McIlroy Continues His Assault On LIV Golf And Participants Ahead Of US Open

Rory McIlroy is making his deep disdain of LIV Golf well-known.

After winning the RBC Canadian Open last week, McIlroy threw some pointed shade at LIV commissioner and former PGA member Greg Norman, citing that he now has more wins than the retired golfer.

While practicing ahead of this weekend’s US Open, Rory McIlroy had some more things to say about LIV Golf.

Specifically, the Irish golfer believes last weekend’s Sunday leaderboard in Canada is proof that the PGA is far superior to anything LIV is able to do.

“Last week in Canada…LIV will never have that. Last week meant something. What they were doing over there meant nothing.”

Rory McIlroy would go on to explain how he’s somewhat miffed by some of the younger golfers who have chosen to take their talents to LIV Golf.

“A lot of these guys are in their late 40s, and in Phil (Mickelson’s) case, early 50s. I think everyone in this room, and they would say themselves that their best days are behind them,” McIlroy said.

“And that’s why I don’t understand for the guys who are a similar age to me going (to LIV Golf), because I would like to believe that my best days are ahead of me, and I think theirs are, too. That’s where it feels like you’re taking the easy way out.”

While it’s clear the LIV golfers sold out for the money, Rory McIlroy is proving to be a great ambassador for the PGA.

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