Justin Tucker Makes Most Incredible 66-yard Kick For The Win

The Baltimore Ravens lucked to leave Detroit with a win today after their kicker Justin Tucker made an incredible 66-yard field goal as the clock hit 0.


The Baltimore Ravens got the ball back with just 1:04 left on the clock, down by 1. Raven’s QB Lamar Jackson then was sacked for -3 yards. The Ravens managed to miraculously convert a 4th and 19 play to keep the game alive on a completion to Sammy Watkins.

That completion set up a couple more attempts, but the Ravens failed to move the ball any closer than the Lions 48-yard line. In went down in the record books as a 66-yard field goal for the victory as Justin Tucker’s kick landed on the middle bar then bounce through the posts.

It was a quintessential way for a team to beat the Detroit Lions.

The Ravens ended up winning the game 19-17 as Lions fans were left in shock.

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