Terry Francona’s Son Lashes Out Over His Handling Of The Mickey Callaway Sexual Misconduct

Former Mets manager Mickey Callaway was placed on suspension from his current gig as L.A Angels pitching coach after a report came out that he has a long history of sexual misconduct. The alleged harassment was going on when Callaway was working under Terry Francona as the Cleveland Indians pitching coach.

In a report done by The Athletic, the details of a long history of inappropriate comments and ‘lewd’ behavior was documented.


Terry Francona’s son, Nick, read the report. He then released a statement condemning everyone involved in allowing Callaway to get away with his creepy behavior. Nick Francona even recognized that his father was part of the problem.

“I confronted my father this morning and it is clear that he simply doesn’t get it,” Nick Francona said in a statement. “I am hesitant to get into the personal details of my family situation, but my father and I do not have a particularly close relationship, largely as a result of disagreements about his conduct, some of which has been reported over the years, some of which has not.”

Terry Francona was asked about his son’s statement on Tuesday. He called Nick’s comments ‘hurtful’.

Nick Francona would respond to his dad’s comment.

Sideaction’s Latest:

Without delving into the Francona family dynamic, I think it’s safe to say that we need better from Terry Francona. Look, I don’t know anything about why him and his son aren’t close. But this isn’t about that. We shouldn’t make it about that. This is about why Mickey Callaway was enabled to get away with sexual misconduct for so many years before finally being reprimanded. That’s the story.

Terry Francona was a part of a system that made Callaway feel that he was invincible. It’s time he owns that, and vows to be better in the future.

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