Bet is Hitting An Astounding 82% During NFL Preseason

Looks like there’s an eye opening betting trend in the preseason.

Every bettor is looking for that trend, a statistic to point them to the right end of a wager. The easiest bet last week was simply just betting on points in NFL preseason games. Overs went a remarkable 13-3 clip in Week 1 of the NFL preseason, and if you count an over in the Hall of Fame Game, overs are currently sitting at a record of 14-3.

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See the eye opening betting stat below:

Joe Ostrowski of the BetQL Network pointed out that overs have hit by more than seven points 12 times this preseason. They’ve hit by double digits eight times.

Last week, sportsbooks posted very low totals for the preseason games. Most of the totals were in the low 30s. Only three games had a total of more than 36, and none were 40 or higher.


No doubt the books will adjust moving forward, and they already have taken notice.

The only game posted at BetMGM for Week 2 on Monday morning was Thursday night’s game between the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks. The total is 39.5, so far the highest total of the preseason.

What they don’t want is lopsided numbers like we’ve seen so far in the early stages of the Preseason, so  expect to see the over/under numbers to  be on the  rise.

Now it feels like it might be time to bet the Under?

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