Brittney Griner Arrest: Russia Makes Major Admission When Commenting On Potential Return Of WNBA Star

Will Brittney Griner be returning home from her Russian detainment soon?

Today, there’s some more optimism about a return than there had been since she was sentenced to nine years in prison after being found with hash oil at an airport.

In the past, it was rumored that president Joe Biden had offered a prisoner swap involving Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who has been sentenced in this country’s prison system.

Today, a Russian official admitted for the first time that they were in talks about a potential prisoner swap involving Brittney Griner.

“The discussions on the very sensitive topic of an exchange are proceeding via the channels chosen by our presidents,” Alexander Datchiev, the head of the North America department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, was quoted as saying by state news agency TASS. “Silent diplomacy continues and should bear fruit if Washington, of course, is careful not to fall into propaganda.”

Obviously, an exchange of a dangerous arms dealer for Griner wouldn’t come without controversy. But at this point, the US might have to make a decision between two less-than-ideal scenarios.

No matter how, we’re all hoping to see Brittney Griner back on US soil ASAP.

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