Willy Adames Gives Mookie Betts a Hug For Stealing a Base, Winning Free Tacos

Steal a base, steal a taco.  That’s Taco Bell’s amazing promotional giveaway during the World Series. By stealing a base on Tyler Glasnow during Game 1 of the World Series, Betts cashed in. Taco Bell vows to award everyone in America a free Doritos Locos taco if a base is stolen by either team during the World Series.

It’s the 2nd time Mookie has done this. Betts also did as a member of  Boston Red Sox when they made it to the World Series in 2018.


Even Tampa Bay Rays infielder Willy Adames appreciated the effort, he gave Mookie a hug upon his arrival at 2nd base.

Hugging a player mid game is not the kind of competitive spirit you’d like to see, but hey, the man won the entire country free tacos, Mookie deserved a hug.

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