Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder Has Plans For A New Stadium

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t the only big-wig making moves in the NFC East.

Controversial Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder is also making moves to have a new stadium built for his team.


Snyder and WFT president Jason Wright were in Los Angeles looking at SoFi Stadium to get some ideas for how they want to go about their own building plans.

“We’re touring stadiums,” Snyder said to TMZ. “We’re coming West Coast and touring. There’s about 12 of us and we’re just looking to build a new venue back home in D.C., Virginia, Maryland.”

“So, we’re everywhere. Jason, our whole group, 12 of us, we’re having some fun and looking at the future.”

Dan Snyder would also admit that the new project is still in the very early stages. He hopes to have the new stadium built by 2027.

In the meantime, he’ll continue to tour around the world to see what works in stadiums, and what doesn’t. The group even plans to look around Europe for inspiration.

“We’re taking inspiration from everywhere,” Wright said. “Because if we’re going to do something that our fans really deserve — which is cutting edge and innovative — we’re going to take in all the ideas. So, we’re absorbing.”

The most immediate issue for Washington is when they’ll have their new team name, moving off the interim “Football Team” label. So will the name finally be revealed by the time the new stadium is ready?

“We’ll let you know soon,” Snyder said.

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