Was This The Last Time We’ll See Serena Williams At The Australian Open?

The Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka matchup was all the buzz at the Australian Open today.

Unfortunately for the veteran Serena, Osaka’s serve and overall poise proved to be too much for her. Serena has not announced when she’ll retire (and why would she?) but her embrace to the crowd at Rod Laver Arena after the match had many wondering if this might be the last time we’ll see the GOAT play the Australian Open.

Sideaction’s Latest:

While this may have simply been Serena Williams showing love to fans after playing without them for so long, the ESPN commentators felt that there may be something else to it.

We might not know if this was it for Serena at Rod Laver for some time, but this match can still be looked at as a passing of the torch, of sorts. Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka are both women of color who have gone above and beyond for social justice and equality.

Osaka even grew up idolizing Serena Williams.

“I would say that if Serena wasn’t there, then I wouldn’t be here,” Osaka, who has won three Grand Slams, told Vogue.

Now, it’s Naomi Osaka’s turn to dominate the sport after Serena Williams had done it for so many years. Let’s hope Serena still has a Grand Slam victory in the tank at some point, though.

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