Vikings Painful Loss Made Even Worse by Announcer’s Gaffe

Being a Vikings fan can be cruel at times. In the final seconds of a crazy game against the Arizona Cardinals, Vikings kicker Greg Joseph lined up to attempt a 37-yard field goal that would have won his team the game. The Vikings had just made an eight-play, 58-yard drive to reach what should have been makeable field goal distance.

It was a kick that should have been made to seal the win.

Vikings kicker Greg Joseph missed wide right, but a member of the Vikings radio team thought otherwise.

Listen below:

Here’s the transcript below:

“High snap, put down. Joseph, come on! And it’s … GOOOOOOOOD! No, he missed it.”

“It’s no good.”

“Are you kidding me? He missed it right. Oh my heavens. Oh … oh my … this…”

“He missed it right.”

“What a gut punch to a team, Paul, that play after play, toward the end, fought its way back.”

“Ugh, missed it by a foot.””

Can you imagine the Vikings fans listening at home or in their cars who momentarily thought their team had pulled out a massive win.

The Vikings are now 0-2, and that loss had to sting pretty badly.

0-2 is usually a precursor not to make the playoffs.


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