New Video Pointing Out Identical Mannerisms Between Tiger Woods And Son Charlie Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

I know, I know. Since Tiger Woods and Charlie teamed up at last week’s PNC Championship, we’ve been flooded with videos pointing out the similarities between father and son.

But the latest compilation of Charlie Woods doing the exact same stuff as his dad on the course is just so unbelievably identical that you need to watch it.

If this video of Tiger and Charlie Woods didn’t give you chills then I can’t help you.

Whats even more crazy is that the pairing found a way to finish last weekend’s tournament in sole possession of second place – after setting the tournament record for consecutive birdies made in a row by a team.

“We got on a nice heater; Charlie was hitting the ball unbelievable,” said Woods via ESPN. “It [winning] would have had a special meaning in my heart for sure, there’s no doubt about that. And it still does.

“The fact that I’m able to have this opportunity this year, even a couple weeks ago we didn’t really know whether or not I would be doing this, but here we are. And we had just the best time ever, and I just wish I could have walked down the fairways with him and been side by side with him the entire time like we were last year.”

To think that we were wondering if we’d ever see Tiger Woods walk again after his scary car addict from earlier in the year. And now we have to opportunity to watch him and Charlie charging up the leaderboard on a Sunday was something special.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Charlie Woods in the future.

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