Trae Young’s Father Goes Hard at His Son’s Haters Over ‘Foul Baiting’

The Atlanta Hawks had a rough start to the season following a pretty good outing in last season’s playoffs. Since the rough start they’ve bounced back, they’re now sitting at 12-10, which is good for the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Trae Young was taking a lot of crap from haters on Twitter. The NBA changed some rules for offensive players in regards to  foul baiting, and that appeared initially to alter Trae’s game.

Now his Father has something to get off his chest.

“Since 5th grade I’ve watched my son work his butt off & put up NUMBERS..real NUMBERS Google his year at OU. Now y’all wanna act like it happened because of foul baiting Keep moving the goal post if y’all want to. SKILL will always finish 1st nothing else!”

The Atlanta Hawks have won 8 of their last 9 games.

And Trae Young is back firing on all cylinders. The great ones always figure out a way to adapt and adjust their game.

I’ll take Trae on my team any day.

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