Stephen A. Smith Speaks On Being Cautious With Women

Stephen A. knows he has a lot to lose.

The ESPN personality is someone who always keeps his private life private. He remains incredibly private, and unlike many other people with his stature, he has yet to be caught in a compromising position. No one has ever leaked information about the man and it’s because he values the position he’s in. Considering his wealth and fame, there is plenty of temptation out there. Smith could get together with a co-worker or even indulge in relationships that go beyond what most people are able to experience.

With that being said, Smith understands that he needs to be extra careful given who that he’s a celeb who’s on TV every day. During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Smith spoke about his relationships with women and how he always chooses his work. According to SAS, no woman or co-worker is worth jeopardizing the hard work he has put in to get to where he is today. Stephen A. Smith even recounted when three different women hit him up at a hotel in Dallas during the 2011 NBA Finals.

Watch SAS explain below:

Stephen A. Smith clearly knows what’s at stake if he ends up with the wrong person.


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