Stephen A. Smith Reveals Honest Admission During His Show

Stephen A. Smith gets paid to talk about sports, or some would say fake argue about sports. ESPN’s highest paid on air talent made a very shocking announcement today, something that is hard to believe given he’s been a huge sports fan for a very long time. Smith revealed that he’s never played fantasy football in his life.

Considering he’s one of the highest profile guys in the industry, shocking to say the least.

Stephen A. Explains:

“Here is an admission I’m willing to make for all of you watching the show right now,” he said. I’ve never once played fantasy football. I love the National Football League and, of course, I love to compete, but I’ve never done it.”

“So this year, I’m thinking of joining my first ever fantasy football league. I’ve thought about it a lot in the past and I’m thinking about it again. This is the closest I’ve ever been to actually joining a fantasy football league.”


Imagine being in a league with Stephen A. Smith.

My guess is he won’t fare very well. He’s good at talking nonsense about sports, but actually having to figure out who the real talent is, now that might be a tall order for the man known as Screaming A.

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