Steph Curry Breaks His Silence Over Parents’ Divorce Following 33 Years of Marriage

Steph Curry’s parents are going through a divorce.

Luckily for Steph he’s now a grown man, so dealing with this sort of thing is probably a lot different had he been a kid dealing with his parents’ divorce.

During an interview with The Ringer, the Golden State Warriors star opened up about how he’s been supportive toward both his mom and dad, explaining:

“The world had a rare glimpse of how Steph is reconciling his new family dynamic during the biggest moment of his life. Shortly after he broke Allen’s 3-point record, he embraced his father near Golden State’s bench. Then, a few minutes later, he proceeded down an MSG tunnel to see his mother for another emotional embrace”

“I had to make sure I was in that moment with both of them separately, and this wasn’t just this whole kind of thing.” He added, “That is how I choose to approach that. Because it is challenging.”

Nearly a year after the divorce, Curry is still grappling with how to navigate the new dynamics.

“I could be mad and be like, ‘Y’all effed this up,’” he said. “I could have that approach. But it’s going to be an acknowledgment of both of y’all in terms of how y’all raised me. The calmness I have in myself is because of y’all.”

At the time of the divorce news, rumors surfaced that Sonja was spending time with a former NFL player.

As mentioned, Dell and Sonya were college sweethearts, marrying in 1988 and raising three kids.

Sonya filed for divorce last summer, but the paperwork came to light months later.

Steph is one cool customer.

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