Chicago Blackhawks President Of Hockey Ops Stan Bowman Out Following Sexual Harassment Findings

Stan Bowman’s long run with the Chicago Blackhawks is over.

On Tuesday, the team announced that they were planning on revealing the findings of their investigation into a 2010 case regarding assistant coach Brad Aldrich. An unnamed player on the team claimed that the coach sexually harassed him, and that the team’s higher-ups covered up his claim until the season was over.

The findings were extremely disturbing, and revealed that members of the hawks brass (including Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville) were made aware of the situation, and held meetings to discuss what course of action they were going to take.


Shortly after the report was read by the investigator, Blackhawks team president Danny Wirtz announced that Stan Bowman has resigned from his post.

Stan Bowman has been with the team for a while, and took over as general manager prior to the 2010 season. He held the position for three Stanley Cups. But has fallen out of favor among Chicago fans due to his role in the Brad Alrich case, as well as some questionable personnel decisions.

Not only did the Blackhawks ownership announce the resignation, but they also made it clear that no executive from the 2010 team will be employed going forward.

Stan Bowman has yet to release a statement.

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